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December’s Look back ~ Poetry Reflections

December Look Back Poetry 2019 Looking Back Buck

Art: Looking Back Buck, by Patti Deters

I am thankful for a December look-back. The first Sunday of a new month is an invitation to visit my poetry page, Wednesday Whims of Poetry. It’s that beginning of a new month where I encourage reflection from the month before…before it’s gone. Time moves like a sleepless night. It flows whether we’re caught up or ready, and tirelessly we move forward because it’s the only direction to go. But not today. Today I welcome a look back to the weeks before, with a chance to reflect and share…

Please visit my Wednesday Whims of Poetry Page:

December Look Back Poetry 2019 Looking Back Blue Bond

Art: Looking Back, by Blue Bond

My most recent November poems are Moods of my Sometimes, Tired, and Marooned in the Season. I suppose it makes sense my monthly poems typically (although not always) carry a thread connecting them. Each season has a way of pulling me, and I tend to find themes within each month. It’s always interesting for me to take advantage of this look-back opportunity, analyze where I find myself, and set forth either on the same path or choose a new one. Clearly, I’m exhausted (mentally and physically), so I need to wake up and get moving for December. We shall see if I can make that happen in next month’s look-back.

Gleefully, I was out of town for Thanksgiving, visiting family I don’t often get to see. I didn’t even try to post November’s final Wednesday poem. However, I am grateful for every day I am blessed (exhausted or not). So, I wrote this one for you…

December Look Back Poetry 2019 Grateful

GRATEFUL (an acrostic)


Generosity swirls in gusts along November’s edge

Redefining the hearts of humankind

Allowing second thoughts or second chances

Timeless errors to unfold

Erasing voids from hearts to street corners

Filled for the moment, or at least the season

Uplifting to the recipient, the giver, the observer

Love spread because winter winds declare it so


~By Celaine Charles, Thanksgiving 2019

December Look Back Poetry 2019 bison-in-snow-storm-dale-evelyn-jackson

Art: Bison in Snow Storm, by Dale Evelyn Jackson

December is upon us, and it tends to fly by in flurries of obligation and busyness. My wish for you is to find that quiet path among this new month. Weave your way along the parts of December that feed your soul, enlighten your mood, and remind you of your true purpose. It’s a hopeful month, so hope…

Happy Writing (because at least you’re writing),

Celaine Charles, December 1, 2019

photo cartoon pic 2

Image Credit Links: (Looking Back Buck, by Patti Deters) (Looking Back, by Blue Bond) (Grateful Sleeping Baby Squirrel) (Bison in Snow Storm, by Dale Evelyn Jackson) (Wednesday Whims of Poetry at Steps In Between, by Celaine Charles)


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