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Marketing-Shmarketing (A Writer’s Request)

marketing blog 2019 IMG_1460-1024x768 by hannah metzger

Art by Hannah Metzger

Just because I’m a writer…author of my first poetry book…revising-expert of my fiction manuscript…and mostly nice human, doesn’t mean I have the business knowledge or wherewithal to market myself. This is the hardest part for me. More difficult than the writing itself; and writing is challenging.

marketing blog 2019 requesting help

***Side Note: At the bottom of this post you will find some links to marketing advice as well as a REQUEST for more resources. As you will see we all need them on this publishing path.

marketing blog 2019 silver bells

December has rung her silver bells, and somehow, I’ve passed on three holiday fairs in my own local town! How easy (and fun) it would have been to set up a table holding my beautiful poetry book, colorful bookmarks, and candy. With a latte in hand and smiles to share…I can only imagine the connections made.

But I have a hard-enough time keeping up with my day job, my family, the writing itself, and my forever-nemesis; TIME. I would love to hire a personal assistant to manage this part of my writing life, however the stars aren’t aligning in that particular direction anytime soon (if ever)! 😊

Just before my book, Colors Collected, debuted, I’d researched ways to market and made lists of to-do’s:

  • Set up launch party
  • Create bookmarks and business cards
  • Send book to local papers for possible reviews and/or interviews
  • Send book to small bookstores (need to create a consignment form – more research)
  • Create blog (thankfully I already have this one)
  • Write articles for other platforms within the same genre
  • Ask for reviews
  • Donate books to hospitals, hotels, businesses
  • Explode on social media…this is a big one (more research)
book sign 18

Me at a book-signing in September!

This is where I usually overload. It’s not that I’m shy (I am a nice balance of both introverted and extroverted), but I’m also humble about what I create. It’s difficult for me to push myself and my creations on others. Don’t get me wrong, I love talking about my craft and the pure art of writing (and learning new things about myself as a writer on this journey), but I hate…despise…feel awkward and uncomfortable…selling myself and my work to the public. Yuck!

So, do I stay small with my sweet little Indie-published book as a great experience I did once in my past? Or do I keep sharing the experience with others over the weeks and months and even years ahead. I prefer the latter, if only I knew how to come out of this “I’m too busy and terrified” shell I’m hiding beneath.

marketing blog 2019 raven-complaining-pat-dolan

Art: Raven Complaining, by Pat Dolan

OKAY! That’s my end-of-year rant. Thanks for sticking with me, if you’ve read this whole complaint. I usually try for a more positive swing in my articles, or at least hopeful. Maybe I will use this post as a springboard in January when I set some new 2020 goals.

Yes, my poetry book, Colors Collected, is available on Amazon. or

And, yes, it is a beautiful book on the hues of life throughout my journey as a poet. In taking a step in the right marketing direction, I will post a few special notes readers have sent my way, as well as my Amazon reviews below. Thank you wholeheartedly for reading them, sharing them, and possibly purchasing my book to spread a little color into the universe.

As always, my gratitude!

marketing blog 2019 thankful

A Few Special Notes About Colors Collected:

~ I have your book. I like the sounds you make with your writing. It has music and curves. And true to the name it is full of wonderful colour. (M.B.)

~ Oh…such heart touching-soulful poems! Green, “its heat pulls me to embrace / to be something more in my soul / than just itself.” Shadows, “The unfound wishing / to stay small / in a vast bright world.” So many poems and images! You have remarkable lines. I’m reading Pale Yellow for the third time, “golden promises awaken with tea and sweet honey.” I am lucky to be one of your treasured readers. (J.B.)

My Official Amazon Reviews:

act reviewed Colors Collected: Poetry Inspired By The Hues Of Life

 A Magical Journey Through a World of Colors August 31, 2019

Celaine Charles’s “Colors Collected – Poetry Inspired By The Hues of Life” is a magical journey through a world of colors as seen in the poet’s mind. There are colors of every mood and nuance of emotion to entice and entrance you.
I feel in love with this book. With so many beautiful poems, it was hard to choose just a few to highlight.

In ”Black Raven Eats the Sun” I can vividly picture the silhouetted raven’s mouth open with the setting sun in the background.
“Black raven,
tired of the day,
used his beak to crack-
to break the surface
of setting sun.”

“Time is Pale Yellow” evokes alluring imagery.
“Time is pale yellow.
like sweetness slips through
All things good
never lasting

My favorite poem is “Patience.”
“Patience is burnt orange;
until it fades

It is a book that you will want to pick up and read again and again, each time discovering new visions and feelings painted in each word.

Ann Christine Tabaka – poet & writer

Art lover reviewed Colors Collected: Poetry Inspired By The Hues Of Life

Lovely and compelling, you need this! August 31, 2019

I came to know Celaine Charles and her work first through an online creativity group, and then by following her interesting and insightful blog posts.

Being a “color person” myself, I gravitated to her poems that employed color as a construct. Her thoughts and observations in this wonderful debut poetry book speak about the world from a very personal perspective but also show a profound understanding of humans, relationships, and the recognition of beauty in the natural world. I love her sensitivity and how she puts words together in such an unusual and delightful way.

So happy to be one of the first to own this volume of wonderful poems, and thrilled to recommend that you not hesitate for a moment to purchase it, too. Order it now and enjoy it always.

Ian reviewed Colors Collected: Poetry Inspired By The Hues Of Life

What a wonderful work of art. A must read for those who appreciate the little wonders of nature. September 4, 2019

These poems really do capture the vibrant colors of nature that are all around us. After spending the past couple years living in a secluded cabin on the West Coast of the Olympic Peninsula I found myself enveloped with the beauty of nature but never able to quite capture those small sensations in writing, but Celaine’s poems do just that. It’s amazing reading these poems and having the colors that I collected from my own experiences of that rich forest rush back to me. Thank you for that. I will be recommending this book to family and friends.

Clare reviewed Colors Collected: Poetry Inspired By The Hues Of Life

Colours that reflect the emotions of life September 25, 2019

Celaine Charles, Colours Collected
Colours that reflect the emotions of life
A wonderful book of poems with beautiful lines:

Time Home: Tiny traces of hope freshen my soul
The bees know: I believe the bees know
Dandelion: as night shades into day

One can see it happen.
Wise owl waits: deer cooled in gentle shade.
The Pine: my hair ribbon loosened and fell
Growing up simply put, wonderful poem of life

A Christmas season poem, Poinsettia: such a beautiful poem, Grows crimson under Seasons kiss
White Blossoms: a wonderful poem, the continuation of the poets tribe: Stronger version of myself
The Color Of Love: another gem of the poets daughter

marketing blog 2019 A-Goal-Without-A-Plan-Is-Just-A-Wish

Writing Advice: Make a Plan (ACTION REQUESTED)

I supposed this is the pot calling the kettle black. I need this very advice I am delivering to you. Make a plan of how you will market yourself once you publish. And it doesn’t matter if you self-publish, Indie-publish, or Big House-publish…either way in today’s saturated market, you will need to promote yourself and your work.

I can’t begin to give you advice in this area, as I am admittedly drowning in it. Therefore, here is what I propose: I will post a few links I’ve found below, and I encourage you to comment with more resources and/or advice. Feel free to private message me as well. I believe we all need help in this area…and especially in the category of inexpensive and/or cost effective. Let’s keep it real!

My blessings to you for keeping up in what can be a rat race of writing. We are all busy finding inspiration and creating our heart-felt masterpieces, and getting to the publishing and marketing part can be numbing. Let’s help each other out. Share your thoughts and insights (or just feel free to vent).

Some marketing resources I’ve found:

Thank you for listening and helping out, my friends. Happy Holiday season to you all!

Happy Writing (because at least you’re writing),

Celaine Charles, December 8, 2019

photo cartoon pic 2

Image, Art, and Content Credit Links: (art by Hannah Metzger) (brothers arm in arm) (silver bells) (Raven Complaining by Pat Dolan) (thankful) (wish to goal)


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