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Writing Amidst the Mistletoe

mistletoe dec 2019 fox-and-mistletoe_u-l-q1b2p1f0

Fox and Mistletoe by Ryan Fowler

I am writing in my fuzzy PJs, coffee swirling to my left, notes from my editor (and hopefully one day publisher) to my right. I’m planted at my desk, the place all good writing (and terrible, but I’m focusing on the positive) comes from.

Imagination flowing like a crisp winter breeze? No, I’m caught up with seasonal shopping that isn’t going to find itself purchased and wrapped under my tree by itself.

mistletoe dec 2019 thomas kinkade christmas

Thomas Kinkade

The scent of evergreen (from a candle, not a tree…because I’m allergic) calls to me every time I finally set to reworking a scene in my manuscript, pulling me to peruse because it’s only a click away, and I’m not nearly ready for the holidays. But, guilt (something I have in reserve) pushes me through the Thomas Kinkade painting in my mind to the Seattle rain, chilly weather, and surely cram-packed stores (so-why-bother-shopping-there’s-still-time-you-need-to-write) reality that gets me back.

And so I write – with various similar interruptions of thought.

Now the clock reads 1:30 PM. I’m still in my PJs drinking coffee because distraction now sings to the tune of “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” and thoughts of curling up by the fire to watch Santa Clause 2 or the new Netflix, Klaus, sounds more inviting. Even more delightful than attempting any kind of shopping for my family, or miraculously finding a recipe for gluten-free/dairy-free/allergy-safe Christmas cookies that actually taste decent.

mistletoe dec 2019 How-mistletoe-became-an-icon-of-Christmas-730x410

For this reason, my dear family, friends, and readers, I am not continuing my writing for today. I am giving in to the call of mistletoe. I’m signing off to perhaps get dressed and find my way through this Christmas season. My hope is for you to find the resolution to take a little time as well.

Happy Holidays! Be good to yourself this season.

mistletoe dec 2019 wishing-star-by-shawna-erback-shawna-erback

Wishing Star by Shawna Erback

Writing Advice: Closed for the Season

Make a holiday list. Wish on a star. Have a Christmas cookie, or Hanukkah treat, or any other cultural dessert you have access to (God knows I can’t…because of my gazillion allergies…and someone out there needs to). Keep reading and writing because it all starts with those two practices anyway. Cheers!

Happy Writing (because at least you’re writing…even when you might just be thinking about writing while drinking hot cocoa by the fire),

By Celaine Charles, December 15, 2019

photo cartoon pic 2

Content and Image Link Credits: (Santa Clause 2) (Klaus) (fox and mistletoe by ryan fowler) (wishing star by sharwna erback) (thomas kinkade) (mistletoe)



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  1. Giving in to the call of the mistletoe sounds lovely. Do you think we could do our interview by phone? I think I’m ready, and it would be so nice to hear your voice.

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