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My Day Off from Writing

Day off 1

Intentionally, I took a day off from writing. Yes, it was Valentine’s Day, international day of love, but also, my Anniversary. With a double holiday (as I like to call it), I always take the whole day off from every other thing vying for my attention. The next day, I felt refreshed and ready to write!

Whatever day works for you, be it a holiday or just a typical Tuesday, I highly recommend taking one whole day off from your drive to create and just be.

day off 4

My Friday morning was lazy and slow. This was quite a contrast from my typical days filled with busyness and hurry. Instead of writing, I snuggled deeper under the covers (electric blanket warming) and caught up on TV drama. I drank the latte my husband surprised me with. And although I a-l-m-o-s-t slipped over to my writing desk to look over my query work, or even sneak a book to read, I stopped myself. I didn’t need my mind going anywhere with writing…and for me, even reading is writing.

day off 3

Thankfully, before I could crack, my husband was ready to go. We went out for lunch, spent the day wine tasting, meandering around the city, and finished the night with a delicious candlelit dinner. I will refrain from diverging into the details of our exploratory day, as that is not my purpose in this post.

I awoke the next morning (Saturday) refreshed and ready to approach my writing. I have always been the writer who never stops writing, and to be fair, my mind processed the story I’m querying, as well as the new story I’m developing, throughout my day off. Kindly, my husband smiled whenever I spoke about them. And once I got my thoughts out, we went back to enjoying the sunshine and the rain, the wine, the walking, and the typical mishmash of conversation to fill the day.

day off 2

Take a day off, and just enjoy life. It was the splash of replenishing I needed, and I believe it could refill you too!

Happy Day OFF from Writing (because your mind is actually still writing),

Celaine Charles, February 16, 2020

photo cartoon pic 2CHEERS!


If you’re in need of a post with more bulk (may I invite you to read either of my last two articles…one, an invitation to everyone to write Elfchen micro-poetry, and another, an interview with a multi-genre writer and artist, Pamela Hobart Carter). No days off for these two gems…enjoy!


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  1. Happy Anniversary! Yes taking a day off is a great idea…….I always push to hard……writing too much!

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  2. Great post and advice!!! An anniversary on Valentine’s Day!! Wow! You are lucky to have such a wonderful and romantic Hubby!!!

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