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Writers Need Writers!

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Writers Need Writers!

Lunch with friends is always a joyful experience. When written on my calendar, it becomes a beacon of light to look forward to. And now I have a new “lunch with friends 2.0” to share: lunch with writer friends! Writers typically work alone. Isolation is required in the realms of creation, but sometimes we need to poke our heads out and interact with others.

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Yesterday, I had the good fortune of having lunch with my friend who is also an incredible author. We spent three hours talking about everything! From family and friends to memories and future goals. From books we’ve read, are reading, and want to read, to organizing our writing projects and publications (and hopeful publications), to our new, old, and even rekindled writing ideas. Layered between each and every topic we discussed was inspiration and encouragement.

I couldn’t get enough!

I’ve written before about the importance of surrounding ourselves with other writers, and that truth has only grown stronger since then. For today’s post I invite you to take a peek at a “throwback” from 2018, entitled: Surrounding Myself with Writers ~ And Announcing FRIEND POETRY (

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At the time I hadn’t yet found an in-person writing critique group and am happy to report that I now have one. It’s tricky sometimes with our schedules, but we make it work. We’ve even been Skyping one of our members who has moved to another state.

My “Poetry Friends” page has also grown and is surely worth the read. ( I can’t uplift these amazing writers enough. They push me to do my best. They encourage me to reach for goals I never before thought I might accomplish. I love and cherish ALL my friends, but I also need that time with writer friends who know exactly what I’m going through. They know the simple joys and celebrations, as well as the deeply painful rejections and writing slumps. There’s a strong togetherness even in our very separate lives.

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Again, my message is to reach out: create, connect, and work at those writer-friendships. There is something special when unique, yet similar, mindsets get together. You can almost smell the creative juices flowing. And always…it’s a joy to build new friendships. People need people, and I believe writers need writers!

Happy writing (because at least you’re writing),

Celaine Charles, February 23, 2020

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  1. “People need people. . .”

    You’re not kidding. Without others, life ain’t too grand.

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  2. So very cool! Friends are essential.

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  3. I agree my friend. When I was station in Texas and California. Many places for writers to gather. Here in Michigan, we have workshops and poetry readings. I miss the days of the coffee shops when writers would gather, share work and talk poetry and writing. I believe we must read and we need the honest opinions of another person who love the words. The workshops were very helpful. I was told less periods and more commas. Separate the conversations. Thank you for sharing your wonderful words and thoughts.

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    • You’ve stated it perfectly. Sadly I know many writers (including me) who crave that cafe experience too, but have so much going on. Adulting seriously gets in the way of writing sometimes. I find myself “green” of my retired or full time writers. But I know I’m in a season of busyness and that too will change. So I guess that’s why I reach out in every way I can. I’m so happy you responded! Take care and keep writing!!

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  4. Ha! You are too kind, My Dear!! Always happy to share your posts!!!
    xoxo 💖🌹

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  5. This is awesome, I think it fits the mold of what we are trying to do at the Go Dog Go Cafe as well. A beautiful thing.

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  6. A lovely post and it’s good connecting with you. Thank you for following Eugi’s Causerie.

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  7. I love having a support group!

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