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Join our “Community Garden” of Poetry

community garden calling hands

Happy earliest Spring since 1896! In celebration, come join our “Community Garden” of Poetry!

This year March 19th marked the Spring Equinox, and with world-wide isolation and the stuffiness of staying home, I am ready to burst into something beautiful and colorful and flowerful! In less than two weeks April arrives signaling…National Poetry Month!

So, let’s celebrate with a garden of poetry from everyone in my writing community!

community garden calling murals and tires CvT4GWYXgAAYEhB

It’s “Community Garden” time!

Recently, I challenged my students to write a poem about a flower, or weed, or bush, or tree, or meadow, or mountain, or anything that can change and grow with the season…especially the coming of Spring!

community garden calling garden 2009_CKS_07772_0414_000(konstantin_makovsky_summer_garden)

Art by Konstantin Makovsky

Now, it’s your turn!

Send me one poem about something growing and lovely in this new season ahead (in place of the sadness and worry and fear in the world) and I will put them all together in a community garden of poetry. The garden will burst on April 5th, just in time to share and celebrate for National Poetry Month. It will also give readers time to collect poems for their pockets on National Poem in your Pocket Day, April 30th. What a colorful month ahead…and we surely need a little cheer to brighten up our social distancing.

Details for contacting me are at the bottom of this post, but here’s what you should send…

Artist Paintbrushes on Palette

Types of poems to send…


Send sunshine and blue skies,

with soft winds to rest beneath.

Send crawling critters, eggs unfurled,

leaf buds dressed in morning dew,

like tiny silver moons to pull the tide—

it’s time.


Send fresh rains to wake the earthworms,

they’ll trudge a way for scattered seeds.

Send the hyacinths and daffodils,

the color guard to greet

each morning rise and evening set—

It’s time


Send soiled hands and padded feet,

garden fingers pray for beans.

Send the carrot-tops and basil,

stretching roots to find their secret

nutrients and needs within the earth—

it’s time.


Send the miracle of lighter days,

a tilted planet to the sun.

Send forests filled with birdsong,

overflowing lakes with life anew

shout out it from mountaintops—

Spring has come.


By Celaine Charles, March 2020



Friends, contact me if you are interested in sharing one poem (of any kind, but not too long) on Steps In Between. You may contact me through the comments below or on Facebook Messenger. Those are the two places I will peek often. The deadline is April 1st! So, let the hope of spring inspire…

Happy Writing (because at least you’re writing),

Celaine Charles, March 22, 2020 (and shout out to my baby girl – Happy Birthday) 

photo cartoon pic 2

Image and Content Credit Links: (community hands come together) (community garden with murals) (Summer Garden, by Konstantin Makovsky) (paintbrush and colorful art)



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  1. This is wonderful. You may share my poem “The Flowers Will Speak to Us,” just let me know when.

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  2. Sorry, the correct title is “As the Flowers Speak to Us”. From a few days ago.

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