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Poem In Your Pocket Day

Poem in Your Pocket Day with STEPS in BETWEEN

Poem in your Pocket Day is April 30th this year, and the perfect send off to an unforgettable National Poetry Month. In some ways, perhaps more poetry was shared due to our isolation with Corona Virus. My hope, with all the sadness and anxiety, with the unfortunate souls lost to this pandemic, is that some how we manage to find reason and comfort within a string of words.

This is my first official poem of the pandemic, and then below you will find LINKS to all kinds of poetry hullabaloo in celebration of “Poem in your Pocket Day.” Scroll down to visit some of these pages and sites with writers from all over the world, and even something special, inspired by Emily Dickinson.

robin for poem in pocket day

String of Words

I take walks now, every day 

during COVID-19’s isolation, while

strings of words catch my eye in

this hopefully not hopeless world.


Not always a full word or phrase,

like hemlock or street corner, sometimes

it’s a fragment of a word, the ~er

from flower, to turn my head…and


an August sunset ignites in memory;

the color of flower, my daughter’s hair

the color of time, rolls in a tide

like shadows dancing on the beach.  


The ~ing’s are the most exciting

because they stir my awareness,

the trickling rainwater collecting

for the robin family outside, reminds me


I am not alone in this aloneness.

This time of uncertainty hasn’t caused

the halt of spring, blue eggs, or baby birds

who sing morning tidings in a string of words.


~By Celaine Charles, April 2020

poem in your pocket scrolls


Below are links to poetry I believe will fill your hearts!

Here is a post I wrote back in 2018 with some fun “Poem in your Pocket” poems from the mouths of babes and MORE: has information about how to celebrate a safe-and-sheltering style of Poem in your Pocket Day here:

Emily Dickinson Museum: ***At 11:00 (EST) there will be a virtual story hour with a reading of On Wings of Words: The Extraordinary Life of Emily Dickinson written by Jennifer Berne and illustrated by Becca Stadtlander:

Writing community poets, from around the world, on Steps In Between all month long for National Poetry Month, April 2020 Poetry:

Same poetry & poets from above BUT with an article and tips for filling your creative well:

Here is a community celebration of Elfchen poems you will enjoy (and learn how to write one yourself):

Celebrating the writing of other writers! Here you will find a link to other poems from friends in my writing community. They are near and far, from all over the world.  Also in this post, an article about the importance of creative friendships:

If you want to get to the poets, without the post above (about extending your writing community and creative friendships) click the link here. I try to add poets to this list seasonally. In fact it’s time to add some new poets now. But the writers here will move and inspire, so take a peek, “Poetry Friends”:

My Wednesday Whims of Poetry page celebrates my own poetry, a challenge to myself to write and post a poem every week. This goal keeps me constantly seeking my muse, the world around, and working with words to create something unique and special. I treat is as a journal sometimes, and always my gift back to the world for providing inspiration.


I hope these poems and articles help you find joy during this time of isolation and uncertainty. One thing I know for sure, writers leave their legacies with every word they wield, and those words can touch others in surprising ways.

Let this month of poetry stir something new and hopeful in your hearts because we will carry on. We will get through. And we will be stronger for it!

Now, go spread some poetry!

Happy Writing (because at least you’re writing),

Celaine Charles, April 26, 2020

photo cartoon pic 2

Image Credit: (robin) (poem in pocket scrolls) (Pocket picture – me – then made with Canva)

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  1. You are always offering words that are beautiful and meaningful. Thank you.

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  2. I thought I wouldn’t like this poem as I am trying to distance myself from corona themed art for my own mental sake. However this was lovely and it had me look at the whole situation in a new light. Thank you.

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