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Mother’s Day MasterClass

Mother's Day MasterClass feature photo

Flowers are a lovely gift for many celebratory occasions. But for me, I also like blooms of another kind. This year for Mother’s Day, my daughter gifted me a membership to MasterClass, and I am in love with this bouquet of possibility and growth. I cannot rate this program because I’ve only just begun, but after choosing my classes this morning, I have chills in anticipation.

MasterClass Mothers Day pic

The reviews are quite wonderful, although I know there will be naysayers. That is fine. It is easy to be disappointed. But to look for the gold…that takes a certain amount of savvy. Or maybe it’s more of my scrappy side! I’ve always prided myself on the ability to grab only the bits and pieces of life that speak to me, leave the rest alone. I am a firm believer in the tiniest breeze of encouragement. It’s those small wafts of wind that grab my attention. And attention to my thoughts brings rise to ideas. With a little inspiration, ideas can grow. Even flowers blooming between cracks in sidewalks are inspiration for me.

I believe it’s because I keep an eye out for them.

masterclass mothers day sunny yellow porch bloom

With this gift, there is no doubt I will find gems. I’ll add them to strings and wear them around my neck until the writer in me shines. I adore the idea of growing in my craft. So, I am eager to see where this MasterClass series takes me. If not in writing, then possibly in gardening, scientific thinking, or wine (the other MasterClasses I’ve signed up for). Members receive access to every class for the price of one, so why not? I suppose I’m hoping to take back some of the time taken in quarantine. I would love to come out on the other side of this pandemic a better version of me.

That would be something!

masterclass mothers day iris

This Mother’s Day, while I may not be with all my children, or any of the mothers in my life, I am reminded to hope and dream. Writers, artists, musicians, creators, we are who we are from the experiences we’ve endured. But more importantly, the attitudes we’ve taken away from each life changing event. They mark us in unforgettable ways, the unchanging life events, as well. I realize I am happier and more productive overall when I can look at my experiences—past, present, and future—as opportunities for more knowledge.

masterclass mothers day big red from my porch

Knowledge is key, whether the experiences are difficult or sorrowful, or bring tears of joy. I encourage you to keep your eyes open to new learning. Open your eyes to new perspectives. Embrace a new way to do something you already think you know how to do. Do it more. Do it better. Do it for a different reason. Do it for someone else. Just do…

masterclass mothers day burst of blue

Happy Mother’s Day! I say, find something new to learn and grow! That’s a bouquet that lasts a lifetime…and even longer.

Happy Writing (because at least you’re writing),

Celaine Charles, May 10, 2020

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Celaine’s iPhone (flower pictures from her front porch and neighborhood walks)

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  1. The Master Class is going to be wonderful!! What a beautiful gift. Share what you are learning.

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  2. What a wonderful gift. What did you sign up for?

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    • Oh my gosh, every writing choice they had, even if it wasn’t my genre. I also picked a couple playwrights. And then for some extra curricular, I chose a wine, gardening, photography, and scientific thinking class. Because, why not?! I’ll do my best to get through them all! 😀

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  3. I recently got MasterClass as well! I also love it and all the opportunities it is presenting in my life.

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