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Poetry Explosion ~ Not Quite 4th of July

Poetry Explosion

Happy July (even amongst the tattered reality of our season this year). It didn’t quite feel like Independence Day this time around, but I am hopeful to press on and not stop pressing until we can overcome and once again, gather together as family and friends, as humankind. I’m speaking out of isolation, out of racism, out of knee-deep misinterpretations and misunderstandings and misgivings and all kinds of hate…because underneath all of it, there is love. There is hope. There is light.

It’s the first Sunday of a new month…Poetry Page time. In June, I did not feel it was appropriate to continue in my typical Steps In Between practice to promote my poetry. And even though I am back to it in July, I am not letting go of my promise to continue pressing. I’m pressing on myself first and foremost, to be a better me. Second, I want to spread a mending hope to those hurting due to the evils in our world. Finally, I will always press for the changed needed to create human equality.

As for my Wednesday Whims of Poetry:

Here are a few poems I’ve recently added… not quite a 4th of July explosion by any means, but with all the heavy emotions this past month, it felt like quite an outbreak (for me)!

HOPE ~ a divinely prompted acrostic poem about our world and racism, with quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I say divine, because I haven’t been able to write much lately, and this poem was prompted with sunlight and words ringing in my ears…words from Martin Luther King, Jr., which prompted me to read his entire speech, I have a Dream, again and again. I was blown over by the truths he spoke about, and that they STILL applied today as if it were STILL 1963! As I continued working on my poem, it practically wrote itself. I hope it touches you as it has touched me.

Afraid to Say ~ a pattern poem from my heart, about how I was taught to see no color, but really, I saw all color but was afraid to say. It’s kind-of written as an apology of thought. With this said, it was also written before I read more about white privilege. I thought about changing some of it, based on my new knowledge, but decided to leave it heartfelt. What am I, if not continuously learning and growing? However, I understand I need to put change into action and I am doing just that with my attitude, awareness, literature, and supporting programs like The Black Star Project and Black Women Breaking Bread. For me, as an educator as well as an author, I am looking at ways to reach the youth of our country. I would love to see change overnight but am more diligently working on the change we could see in the next 10-15 years. I would love for the children of today to step into a very different (and equal) future.

Purple Venation ~ a modern haiku about those willing to seek a new path…only some can see it. Or maybe I’m hoping everyone can see the way, if only they sought out the journey.

Cleaning Day ~ a poem written for my mom in May. I was spring cleaning my house and had one of those treasured memories of my Mama! I had to stop in the middle just to pen this poem.

It is Time ~ a poem written a long time ago, but I shared it on Wednesday Whims of Poetry in May because I had just received word (and a contract) that my fiction novel is to be published in 2021. This poem was inspired from that story.

Letting Go ~ an Elfchin poem that actually holds a lot of power for me in this world. Sometimes the smallest poems can carry the strongest punch!

Again, my poetry page:

Please enjoy this month’s poetry celebration, even though it wasn’t quite as explosive as this time of year typically is (or maybe it was in a completely new way). I hope we all keep pressing on!

Happy Writing (because at least you’re writing),

Celaine Charles, July 5, 2020

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Image and Content Credit: (Wednesday Whims of Poetry) (MLK’s, I Have A Dream Speech) (to create title photo [using my own fireworks picture from my iPhone])

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