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Poetry Play, with Pamela Hobart Carter

Poetry Play with Pamela Hobart Carter

This morning arrived with joyful poetry play! Thank You to poet, author, and playwright, Pamela Hobart Carter for her most recent blog post, Make a Poem at Home: Poetry Lessons for Covid Times. (

As a fellow teacher of young children and a writer myself, I found encouragement and fun following her three creative ideas for writing poetry with young ones. I find these lessons appropriate for all ages! As you can see below, I had a go at each one. Take a peek at her blogpost and try one, two, or all three. Let me know how it turns out!

Photo by Pamela Hobart Carter

Photo from Blogpost, Make a Poem at Home: Poetry Lessons for Covid Times, by Pamela Hobart Carter

To give reference on the patterns followed for my three poems, please enjoy Pamela’s blogpost –

Here are my three examples, following Pamela’s inspiration:


Photo by C Charles,

  • A Recipe/Definition Poem (Lesson #1, by Pamela Hobart Carter)

Recipe for Merrymaking

Sit in a patch of daisies.

Steam and stew

to release sad thoughts.

Simmer away the complexity

of worrisome ways.

Baste in a secret,

finally clear,

when the temperature

is just right.

Serve warm to mislaid souls.


By Celaine Charles (inspired by Pamela Hobart Carter)



Selfie by C Charles, (not my most glamorous photo, but candid) 


  • An Outside-The-Window Poem (Lesson #2, by Pamela Hobart Carter)


They are born in meadows of charm,

foretellers of love,

yet still I am indecisive.

How do you know the will of my heart?

Age-old wisdom; to believe or not to believe.


By Celaine Charles (Inspired by Pamela Hobart Carter)


Photo by C Charles,

  • A Wish-I-Were-There Partial Cento (Lesson #3, by Pamela Hobart Carter)


A nightly walk in the day or at dawn.

Sunshine or starlight, the sky officiates, flowers witness.

With every step I am in love, and…

we are married until the next time and the next,

when I meet a new evergreen bride, or robin-song groom.

Falling in love anew; anew! 

“We see into spaces where time is slow to round mountains” (Carter).


By Celaine Charles, with quoted line from Pamela Hobart Carter’s poem, “Hiking to Red Pass,” published in Parks and Points, April 5, 2019 (Pushcart Prize Nomination), Inspiration from Pamela’s lesson #3.


Playful poetry JOY! I hope you take advantage of this author’s inspiration and share her message with others. If you create one, two, or all three poems from Pamela’s lessons, please share with me and we can put them together in another post of Poetry Friends on Steps In Between in the upcoming future.

Now, get started unleashing a little fun!

Happy Writing (because at least you’re writing),

Celaine Charles, July 12, 2020

photo cartoon pic 2 

Content and Image Credit: using CC’s iPhone pictures



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  1. I love the gentleness of this post. The robin-song groom, being in love… the daisies and their charm. I must send you a bit of an old folk song I recorded. I think it would make you smile.

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  2. CELAINE! I adore your poems. GORGEOUS. This entire post is the most happy-making thing! You embody support. Remind me to thank Janet again for inviting me to that dinner at PNWA. I am honored and delighted.

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  3. And thank you, also, to The Reluctant Poet!

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  4. Reblogged this on Pamela Hobart Carter, WRITER and commented:
    Celaine’s beautiful poems show that grand possibilities exist if you try these ideas!

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