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July Steps Check-in (How are you doing writer?)

It’s been a minute since we’ve spoken…or two…or 43,200! I’ve gone from blog-posting every Sunday to every other Sunday to now (evidently) once a month. I may be dwindling in my contact, and knee-deep in writing projects, but I’m still here!

So, hello! I hope everyone is doing well. Let’s check in. 😊

Please, please comment or private message me with your latest writing goals, struggles, and accomplishments because I truly care and want to provide some kind of sounding board for my fellow creators out there. Summer is a crazy time to get anything done, as we all know. I may not have the best advice, but I can empathize, and maybe even offer some resources (or two cents) that might help.

I will go first. Here’s the latest writing updates from my neck of the woods:

  • I published my YA fantasy novel, Seam Keepers, on May 12, 2021, through The Wild Rose Press. (I would recommend buying through Barnes and Noble, however my reviews seem to be on Amazon and Goodreads).
  • Marketing amidst COVID has been interesting (and somewhat discouraging). I have not been able to plan any live events, but I did have a successful online launch party and exciting book blog tour. Thanks to all my friends, family, and followers for making May 12th the best day ever!
  • I finished editing my paranormal holiday romance (some might not have known I was writing). My novella may or may not be accepted by my press for their Christmas Cookies series. We shall see what happens (fingers crossed). I have never written in this particular genre before but enjoyed the break my critique group took this last holiday season to give it a try. I’ve decided if nothing comes of it, I had a BLAST trying something new.
  • Currently, I am working on the sequel to Seam Keepers, at this point titled, Dream Keepers. I am behind my personal deadline I set to stay on track but am also allowing myself a little grace. My personal life has played a role in my setback, but as always, I try to look at life as an opportunity to process and grow. Real life makes its way onto the page, so it’s important to live that real life, even when it’s not always easy (or convenient).
  • I have another story planned after Dream Keepers, so of course I keep having dreams about this new book instead of the one I’m currently writing. I simply jot down as many of the ideas that make sense when I wake up, and hopefully the time will come to work on this new novel soon.
  • Poetry has been difficult this past year, as my brain has been creatively full! Previously I was busy editing the final draft of Seam Keepers, and then distracted with all the publishing and marketing work that comes with launching, and finally, building my social media to introduce myself to the writing world. Therefore, I haven’t written a quality poem in months. The good news? I am back on track and dancing with words again. Hopefully, I will have some new pieces in shipshape condition and ready to be sent out soon.
  • Reading is my passion and helps me grow as a writer, so I’ve upped my reading time. Currently I am fan-girling over V. E. Schwab. Her book, The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue has become my favorite right now. So of course, I’ve dived in to read more of her work. After finishing This Savage Song, I am onto Our Dark Duet. These are wonderful stories about monsters in the most lovely way possible. I’ve already ordered her “Shades of Magic” series to read next. I adore Schwab’s writing style and unique story perspectives. She writes for YA and adult, and even has some graphic novels. READ HER…you’re welcome!
  • I am looking to write more concisely (yet still descriptive). I guess I would call it, descriptively concise! This is a HUGE goal for me, but I am working on it.
  • Time is always my nemesis (as I’ve written about before). Hence, this blog will now come to you about once each month (soft goal…I’m hoping for MORE than that). 😊

Well folks, that’s my writing in a nutshell! As mentioned above, I care about what you are creating. Let me know in the comments below or PM me as well. If I find some similar topics of interest, I will write an article about them to hopefully help everyone out. Writers need writers!

Have a wonderful July and thanks for checking in!

Happy writing (because at least you’re writing),

Celaine Charles, July 18, 2021

P.S. Happy Birthday CJW! You are loved and cherished! 😊

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