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Summer Writing Like Sunshine

Summertime writing has been rejuvenating this year, more like morning sunshine. And I am renewed by its generosity.

I noticed its rays during a few lackadaisical mornings…

Sunlight flooded my bedroom, especially through the drapes I intentionally left open. I never wish to sleep in too long, not that I can anymore…years of age and stress have seen to that. However, during my summer’s off from teaching, I can sleep past my typical work alarm and let my body awaken naturally. Leisurely stretching from dreamland to consciousness, I revel in waking up gently with closed eyelids. Who enjoys jolting to the chimes of an alarm, eyes flung wide, hands grabbing to tap (or toss) the source of dread? Not me.

Writing in July and August is similar to those morning sunrays spilling across my bedroom floor. They grow slowly…warmly…and surely each morning. So, even if I lose hours of writing, due to sleeping in or heading out to enjoy outdoor recreation or other to-do’s, I look for inspiration in the small traces of shining warmth. Even in the evenings I can still find them, feel them. I just write in those small golden moments left for me, and it’s enough.

It has to be enough because the world, seasonally slowed down now, fills me. My brain busies itself finding new beats to my breath, which will in turn breathe new life into my story ideas. I believe this to be true.

For me, summertime writing is finding those still-glowing spots on the floor and resting a bit in them until the words flow. The rest of the time I am living my life with my family and friends. Of course, as a teacher and writer, I am reading and planning and moving forward across the face of time—toward the coming of a new season. But my hope is that my downtime (or energy-filled moments) will reinforce the fortification of fall. That’s when I will swoop into my office as a writing warrior, ready to create and tackle my newly nurtured goals.

Enjoy these last days of summer, my friends! Drink it down and let its magical warmth fill your bones. Creativity will stir in the darker days to come…and it will be delicious! Trust your process.

Happy Writing (because at least you’re writing),

Celaine Charles, August 29, 2021

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