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May Poetry ~ A Masterpiece, A Dance, And A Little Fallen Rain


Nature’s Masterpiece, by John Repoza 

May Poetry ~ A Masterpiece, A Dance, And A Little Fallen Rain

Intrigued? Come visit my poetry page:

It’s the first Sunday of the month, so time to throw on the stage lights to the poetry side of my life. As you know I write all kinds of things, presently reworking my fiction novel. Though poetry is something I began writing seriously several years ago and once the floodgates opened, I’ve been unable to slow it down. I try and write every day. Sometimes, after my poems “cook” for a while (as my poetry-guru recommends), they become something tasty to share.

Painting-is-silent-poetry-and__quotes-by-Plutarch-49New Poetry Project

I would love your support in my poetry endeavors as I am embarking on a new project that will not only put my personal efforts to the test but raise money for families facing homelessness. This June, I will be launching a poetry series on You must subscribe to read my work there, but the cost is low, and you have access to lots of other series (in every genre of writing) as well.

The best part, I am donating my 80% kickback to a charity of my choice, which is Mary’s Place ( They help specifically with mothers, and fathers, and children facing homelessness. And they are doing beautiful things… check out their website.

mary's place

I will always post a free poem on my “Wednesday Whims of Poetry” page. Though I invite you to support my new project (in June 2018) on Channillo where I will be writing in full color. Hence, the name of my new series, “Colors.” I will be capturing the color in life; those quiet, thoughtful moments within. They shine with hues, perhaps you hadn’t realized. Hues of sorrow or shame. Hues of acceptance or realization. Hues of pure gladness, cheer, and victory. The world has a lot to say, if only we stop to notice.

Color speaks… are you listening?

If you’ve read this far, I believe you are! Thank you… and as always, please enjoy my poems on Wednesday Whims of Poetry:


Writing Advice: Put yourself out there!

Find a way to share your work. Perhaps you are writing in private, which is how I operated for years. Try sharing a snippet of your work in a writing group. Maybe share a piece of writing with a trusted friend. You might write a little something wonderful in a card to pass along to a friend or co-worker, simply cheering up their day. The more comfortable you become sharing your words and thoughts with others, the braver writer you will be. As a happy coincidence, you are putting out positive energy into a very negatively charged world. And we need all the happy we can get out there. Happy sharing!

Image Links: (Percy Bysshe Shelley quote) (Poetry is painting quote)–john-repoza.html (Nature’s Masterpiece by John Repoza) (Mary’s Place)


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  1. Great post. I am planning to feature your poetry/charity initiative on the radio show!

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  2. Celaine, this inspires! Thank you.

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  1. Happy One Year Anniversary WRITERS! – Steps In Between

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