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Docked in my Rewrite

boat Flight-Of-The-Muse (Paul Bond – Flight of the Muse)

Docked here in the middle of my novel rewrite, I’m reminded of a l-o-n-g boat ride up Washington’s Lake Roosevelt. My family often boated, but this trip from Fort Spokane to Grand Coulee was quite the adventure. I always enjoyed the anticipation of boating somewhere beautiful, taking in surprise vistas and stops along the way. On this particular trip we popped a tent and spent the night with family friends. My parents always made our weekend getaways fun for my sister and me, even if we had to help load and unload the boat. It was the way back that overwhelmed. Getting home seemed an even longer unending trek. And by that time, I was tired.

This is where I currently stand (or float) in my rewrite.

boat analogy lake-roosevelt-new

Lake Roosevelt

I had already endured (even excitedly) packed the boat, and eagerly headed out on my new journey of novel-writing. When I arrived at the end of my story, I exhaled that huge breath of satisfaction. It was done. I had finished. But now…

I’m only at the half-way mark in this adventure. I have to wind myself back through my story from beginning to end; revise, fine tune, fix and fancy-up every nook and cranny. Don’t misunderstand, I love the work. But it can feel like I’m floating in the wrong direction much of the time… as if I’m watching my map home swirl in the currents away from my boat. I suppose my North star would be to persevere (perhaps I should reread my posts from a few weeks ago).

It’s already been a long trip getting here with this book, and I’m predicting a lengthy ride home. But, I think of my folks back in the day. Long trips were no mountain for them. Instead, they spoke only of the reward at the end of the day. Memories made. So, I’m setting my sails and getting back to work. It’s time to bring my craft home. Of course, my father’s boat didn’t have sails. It was completely motorized. Maybe I’ll just motor my way along the shore… follow the waters and get to the end.

Happy creating everyone!

boat post read a book

Writing Advice: Book it for Inspiration

Choose a book within the genre you are writing and read it along side your working manuscript. This isn’t to copy or write fan-fiction, but to grasp the quality of a successful author and transfer those traits and crafts to your own. I look at it like instant inspiration.

I’m reading several books right now. At any point in time I have a novel (any genre), a self-help, and a writing resource book within grasp. I’m the three-books-at-a-time girl. This still makes me chuckle because I used to be the one-until-it’s-done girl. But rules like that would leave me with piles and piles of books I’d never get to. Besides, I love immersing myself in the various crafts of writing. I learn along the way at every turn.

Regardless of what you’re reading right now, grab a book that you feel will enhance the story you’re writing. Keep it right next to your work space. When you get stuck, grab it, and read a few pages. This new practice (as suggested from my writing instructor) has made a world of difference for me. I hope it does for you as well.

I guess now I’m the four-books-or-more girl… but it’s keeping me writing. And that’s the point.

~ By Celaine Charles, March 10, 2019

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Image Links: (Lake Roosevelt) (book pages) (Paul Bond – Flight of the Muse) (dock)

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  1. May your boat sail smoothly, or may your oars be strong and you be agile.

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