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Writing Takes a Second Wind

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Sometimes I come home from a long day at work d-r-a-g-g-i-n-g. I crawl up to my writing desk and pray for a spark of motivation to do my writing. But on other work days, just as long and grueling, I somehow catch a second wind. Those days take me by surprise, and always I am fortunate to accept and appreciate them.

The commonality between both examples above? I put myself in my chair at my writing desk. I must sit in the place I do my best work, then let my creativity flow. Sometimes I’m a sailboat adrift at sea with no breeze in sight. If I’m tired or hungry or cranky, I don’t wait long for inspiration. But sometimes the rush pulls me in as soon as I sit down and turn on my computer. My fingers pause on home-row for only seconds before flying. And this is after working all day. With nine-year-olds.

second wind data art

I never know which way the wind will turn, so my promise to myself is to hold out my hand every night. Just check for a breeze and see. If it’s going to happen – it does. If not, I try to take care of myself in other ways and move on. Nonproductive nights might consist of reading (which I justify improves my writing) or vegging out to a TV show. Maybe it’s a hot bath or shower and some delicious food (hopefully made by my husband). Sometimes, in all reality, it’s laundry and grading papers. Either way, I look at these nonwriting moments as processing time for when I get back to writing. I don’t know about my readers, but my mind doesn’t shut down for very long. So, while I may not physically be at my desk, my brain is busy (I don’t know if that’s good or bad).

I’m also talking to moms and dads writing with kids and dogs and laundry at your feet. I applaud you and was there myself not so long ago. I still have one of my three kids at home, but that little gift of self-time I thought I would never find again has returned. I promise there is light at the end of the tunnel. Keep pursuing your dream.

Lately for me, among the busyness of spring and the end of the school-year for kiddos here in Seattle, I’m riding the wave of a second wind. I never know how long these surprise trips will last, so I accept them gladly (and secretly hope I’m not jinxing myself).

I’ve written before about my writing desk and the trick about sitting yourself down at one. I am telling you – IT WORKS! Here’s the article, if you’re interested: .

second wind inspiration art

Writing Advice: Check the Wind

I challenge you to keep a running tally.

Second Wind Inspiration to Write Taking Care of Myself in the Calm

Tally mark or write dates or make check-marks…



Tally mark or write dates or make check-marks…

Each night you return home from work (or day, if you work nights), sit yourself down at the place you do your best writing. Take out your most current writing project or open the document from a computer file. You could also prepare a blank page. Now, grab a writing utensil, or like me, place your fingers on the home row of your keyboard. Take a deep breath to clear your mind. If you’re having trouble, tell yourself you’re only going to write a few lines, or you will only write for fifteen minutes (whatever works for you). The more you make this a habit, the easier it will get. And as you can see from the tally chart above, neither way is negative. Are you ready? GO!


My Writing Desk… which I love!

Sit down at your spot and wait.

Wait for it.







Okay – if inspiration snagged, I hope you ran with it for whatever length of time you had. If not, I hope you took care of yourself guilt-free. Now, TALLY MARK the column that applies. Just keep this going for a month and see what happens. I would love if you wanted to reach out and share how this worked for you. Encouraging others to create their magic is my number-one goal as I continue to work through my own struggles in this writing journey. As I’ve stated before, it’s important to lift each other up in our craft.

Best of luck to you writers who are creating along with day-jobs, and families, and children, and animals, and health issues, and financial strain, and who knows what all else. I celebrate you!

~ By Celaine Charles, April 14, 2019

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7 replies

  1. Hi Celaine. You’ve got the right approach. No point putting too much pressure on ourselves. See you!

    Neil Scheinin

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “I hold out my hand every night.” Sometimes one sentence of yours has power to stay with me for days (and nights). Thank you — writing is grueling right now, but I have managed a little.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh gosh, hang in there. I’ve been there too. I just give myself permission to rest and then get back to it. You’re balancing a lot and honestly, you’re doing it well. You always inspire me. I will always cheer for you. 💕


  3. Loved your piece!! Very wise advice! Lucky for me I’m retired. I have found that the very best time for me to hook up with my Muse is in the wee hours – “The Backside of the Night” between about 4 a.m. and 7 a.m. I find that if I have a cup of coffee and slowly drink it in the darkness with no noise, thoughts and words come to me. If writing is really important then make it the first thing you do each day instead of the at the end of the day?? One of the great ways to get things going is to count any day you write just one sentence as a day you wrote (a tally mark). Take Jo Hawk’s writing challenge. It’s helped me write something everyday this year so far – but I write poetry?

    You might try writing an Elfchen once a day. It’s a great way to break Writer’s Block. It’s an eleven word poetry form with five lines that goes like this – 1st line one word; 2nd line two words: 3rd line three words; 4th line four words; 5th line one word and it can’t be the same as the first word. Try it you may really like it?? Here’s a little challenge to get you started

    #1 – If
    #2 – My Heart


    #1 – The
    #2 – Dusty Road

    Have a great week, My Friend


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