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Ekphrastic at Easter

ekphrastic at easter

Art by Virginia Dehn

As inspiration stirred for this weekly post, my spirit also fell on the importance of Easter. I’m not going to discuss my personal ties to Christianity today, but suffice to know the layering of interpretations and meaningful significance in the two, for me, are great.

Here’s the definition of ekphrastic from

“Ekphrasis (also spelled “ecphrasis”) is a direct transcription from the Greek ek, “out of,” and phrasis, “speech” or “expression.” It’s often been translated simply as “description,” and seems originally to have been used as a rhetorical term designating a passage in prose or poetry that describes something. More narrowly, it could designate a passage providing a short speech attributed to a mute work of visual art. In recent decades, the use of the term has been limited, first, to visual description and then even more specifically to the description of a real or imagined work of visual art [].”

Sometimes a piece of art inspires words to pour out on their own. Other times, I’ve learned about an artist and their work, and my poetry becomes a celebration of appreciation. Of course, there are always challenges on poetry sites, observing a piece until interpretation of a story comes forth and I write. I describe my experience inspired by art in poetry.

All these examples of ekphrastic poetry are unique paths to channel and explore creativity, and I believe it makes me a better writer. I’m limiting myself to a focused muse, allowing it to swell and bloom in new ways that ultimately increase my ability to stretch and grow in my craft. In connection to Easter, my unique spiritual path along my creator’s miracles causes me to do the same; exploring the stories and truths (for me) left in a book thousands of years ago. When I read and appreciate these words, I swell and bloom in new ways that hopefully cause me to grow in who I am.

Today, in honor of Easter, I want to celebrate with some of my favorite Ekphrastic poetry written in the past. I won’t go into too much detail, but rather simply share a few pieces of my work inspired by the creations of others… Andrew Wyeth, Georgia O’Keeffe, and a challenge from the intriguing website, Pix to Words.


Andrew Wyeth

Wyeth’s Window

Gust of wind on a still day,
summer tranquility caught
in between time
as it sits

woven intricately with
featherweight cotton threads, white
like a whisper
her flight.

Until this moment, the birds,
benumbed by heat’s encumbrance,
revive and fly.
The flutter

My heart bobs in the ocean,
just beyond this window’s view,
and I inhale
more than dust
stale air.

Though my spirits rise on end,
and I glance back to be sure…
August crocheted
her message
of praise

to be discovered.

Inspiration ~ Wyeth’s Window (as the curtains blow)

Ekphrastic poem in response to Andrew Wyeth’s painting, “Wind From The Sea.” Picture from the Seattle Arts Museum website.


My class painted Georgia O’Keeffe inspired flowers last spring.

New Eyes

“Nobody sees a flower – really – it is so small it takes time – we haven’t time – and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time.”  ~Georgia O’Keeffe


Step into my flower,

the one nobody sees,

“Really –


It is so small it takes time.”

Time to notice red that’s more orange,

that’s more… vermillion.


Lean back against soft petals,

in long lines

to hold you still.


Transform your faith

in new landscapes,



and you will unfold

new eyes to see

beyond borders.


Mother bathe me

in golden stardust,

lands so green…


for then, I will take,

“…time, like to have a friend

takes time.”





Twilight strikes like silver swords

cross and cut the sky,

sheathed within chill.


Songs from the old exchanged

in secret,

Crepuscular tales told…


By only the lone awake,

sneaking about

between the seams of time.


*Inspiration from Pix to Words Website:

And here are two poems inspired by verses:

ekphrastic easter watchful ship

Watchful Ship

Watchful ship,
I wait for you to come in,
to burst the angry fog of night,
mooring through despair;
keeping me clung
to sharp cliffs
in wait for you.

*Inspiration Micah 7:7

ekphrastic bird with hearts

Every Thought That I Have

I am my every thought,

so I will devour every ounce

of sunshine and good tidings.


I shall think on every success

and all my days of laughter;

sad memories will have no place


on my plate, although I regret

their loss and tuck them neatly

away in the cupboards.


Folded and stored in case

reverie comes knocking, there is value

and worth in such burnt offerings.


But today, I will love instead.

I will spoon golden sunflowers at dawn,

grateful to awaken another day


I will knead childhood memories

into smooth round dough,

bake bread in the hearth of my soul,


let the scent permeate the air—

reminding me I have become

every thought that I have.


*Inspiration Philippians 4:8-9

ekphrastic easter

 Writing Advice

No writing advice today… it’s Easter! If you celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful day. If you don’t, I hope you have a wonderful day. May you all find some quiet moments to reflect on your life and squeeze in a little writing to go along… maybe inspired by a piece of art or writing.

~ By Celaine Charles, April 21, 2019

photo cartoon pic 2

Image and Content Links: (SAMS – Andrew Wyeth) (ekphrastic at poetry) (Easter) (bird with hearts) (ocean art)



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